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The Components/Ariel factories at Bournbrook and Selly Oak (which were adjacent) were there from 1898 to around 2000, when they were demolished.

The period we are concerned with is up to 1932 when cycle production ceased.

The subjects to be covered include:

The Genesis of Ariel - The origins of the Ariel marque.

The Starley Ariel.

Charles Sangster, founder and owner.

The Dunlop pacing teams of the late 1890's and J.W.Stocks.

Social activities, the Cycling and Cricket Clubs and the Ariel Boy Scouts.

The Marsh model and Dave Marsh.

Components Skates

Other Marques made by Components Ltd.

The Ariel Cycle Manufacturing Company of Goshen, Indiana

The Ariel Company of Footscray, Victoria.



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