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The Ariel Cycle and Motor Works of Australia

Ariel cycles were built in Australia at a factory in Footscray in Victoria. The Footscray factory had no connection with the English Ariel factory, the proprietor was J. Anderson and later E.C.Roberts.

Click on the image right for a link to a high-resolution image of the Ariel Cycle and Motor Works in 114 Nicholson Street in Footscray circa 1910 held by the Footscray Historical Society.

They were manufacturing cycles and motorcycles from around 1910, to at least 1925. Later they made cycles through to the 1950's

More details can be found in Robert Saward's book: A-Z of Australian-made Motorcycles (Turton and Armstrong, Sydney 1996, ISBN 0 908031 64 5).

Pictures of Ariel bicycles can be found here. I would be pleased to get photos of other Footscray Ariels.

Footscray factory
1921 Circular
Chain wheel
This 1921 flyer gives some general details about the Ariel concern in Footscray, including the Ariel-JAP motorcycle.
This chainwheel is believed to have come from a Footscray Ariel. Click for a 3-D image.
Early type of receipt book Early type of receipt book
An earlier receipt book for Ariel Cycles and Motor Cycles at the 114 Nicholson Street address.
Receipt - later type
An later receipt book for The Ariel made in Footscray after the address changed to 127 Nicholson Street
1933 Advert

Footscray Ariel original decalBy 1933 the address had changed to 225 Barkly Street in Footscray, as can be seen on this advert from a 1933 issue of Australian Cycling and Motor Cycling magazine, and only bicycles were being made.

Right is an original decal of the Footscray Ariel Company probably dating from the late 1940's or early 1950's.

The shop was still going in 1958 as can be seen from the raffle ticket below. (Note the 4th prize - a pair of ducks!)

My thanks to Lyn Meredith for these images and the loan of the original decal. See the artwork for this decal here.


1958 Raffle Ticket
1958 Raffle Ticket


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