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An assortment of give-aways from the Ariel factory, mostly associated with the Motorcycle business.

A set of six silver cocktail sticks in a presentation box. These were presented to attendees to the First International Banquet of Motor Cycle Dealers at Pillar Hall, Olympia on December 1st, 1929. The logo is the Ariel Horse, used 1928-1930.

Cocktail stickscocktail sticks presentation box

These nutcrackers in the shape of the Ariel horse are 7" long and date to 1928-30.

Nutcrackers in the shape of an Ariel horseNutcrackers in the shape of an Ariel horse

Below left is an Ariel brooch of a type given away with any Ariel bought in 1909. It is 1.5 inches high. To the right of that are four tiepins or stick pins. The horse logo appeared on the motorcycles in 1928 and was used until 1930. The small triangular logo was probably circa 1928-29. The large triangular badge looks later, perhaps 1931. The horseshoe badge is rather later, probably late 30's or even 40's.

below right are four buttonhole badges. The square buttonhole badge was given away with an Ariel Square Four in 1931. The top Horseshoe buttonhole badge dates to the 1930's, the other two probably 1940's or early 1950's.

1908 cycle badgeAriel tiepinsButtonhole badges

Next are some pin badges. The triangles date to the late 1920's. The silver Huntsman brooch and the Horses head are later. The other badge is a staff badge for the Cycle and MotorCycle Show at Olympia.

pin badges Stand attendants badge

A silver ashtray made in Birmingham with a 1938 hallmark


A pennant to be fitted to cycles or motorcycles. This is a replica of one from the late twenties. Ten inches long.

Ariel pennant


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