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Decals (Transfers).

Ariel and Fleet decals. These are available from the Ariel Owners Motorcycle Club, contact me.

These images are not to scale.


Early Serpent and Wheel

This Serpent and Wheel decal was used from 1896 to 1919. Some of the early ones did not have the bottom scrolls and had 'Trade Mark' instead. Used on the steering head and on the rear mudguard.

Late serpent and Wheel
This is the later style of Serpent and Wheel, used from 1920 to 1925. Also used on the steering head and rear mudguard.
1903 transfer
This early decal was used on chaincases circa 1900-1906.
From 1907 to 1914 this was the chaincase decal. It reappeared briefly in the early 1920's.
1907 transfer
1926 Triangle
In 1926 the logo was changed to this triangular style. Used on the steering head and rear mudguard. It was soon replaced by the coloured version.
This version of the Triangle was used from late 1926 until production ceased in 1932. Again, on the steering stem and rear mudguard.
Works address
The Works address. Could have been used at the bottom of the steering stem just above the lug, at the top of the seat tube or on the rear mudguard under one of the triangle decals (most likely).

This appeared at the bottom of the steering stem just above the lug up to about 1926.


Small ARIEL decal used on the chaincase from 1926-1932. Placed centrally on overall cases and on the top run on oil-bath types.


Early Fleet

An early example of a Fleet decal, circa 1905. The lion and the lightning flash are quite crudely drawn.

Not yet available as a decal

A similar decal exists without the shield.

(Not yet drawn)

Mid Fleet

A later style, rather more elegant. Probably 1910 to 1920.


Late Fleet

The final style of Fleet decal. Used through most of the 1920's and up to 1932 when production ceased.


Fleet chaincase

Fleet chaincase decal circa 1918 to 1932.



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