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Crabbe Hubs and Gears

The Crabbe variable speed hubs were fitted over a number of years in 2 and 3 speed formats and with the option of a coaster brake included. The 1908 catalogue gives the following details:

During the past season a very large number of Ariel Cycles have been supplied fitted with variable gear hubs, and now that this fitment is made perfectly reliable in every way it is being universally adopted as a portion of the standard equipment of a bicycle.
Crabbe 2-speed hub

This hub as illustrated has been fitted as our standard Two-speed Hub for the past three years, and has given every satisfaction, proving by experience that there is not a better two-speed gear on the market.
There are no very small or weak parts in the operating mechanism every part being substantial. It has a free wheel on both gears, the direct drive being on the high gear. An exceptionally large choice of gears is given, ranging from 41 low and 52 normal to 72 low and 91 normal, with 26in. wheels; and 45 low and 56 normal to 77 low and 98 normal, with 28in. wheels. The reduction to the low gear is 21%, and this in our opinion, combined with its simplicity, durability and lightness, places in front of any other two-speed hub. (Click the picture for a 3-D image)

Crabbe 3-speed hub

We have every confidence in recommending to our customers the Crabbe Three-speed Hub, which during the past season has proved itself one of the best hubs on the market.
On this gear the direct drive is through the Crabbe Three-speed normal gear, the increase from this to the high gear being 27%, and the reduction to the low gear being 21%. The range of gears covered is from low 41, normal 52, high 66, to low 72, normal 91, high 115, with 26in. wheels ; and low 45, normal 56, high 71, to low 77, normal 98, high 124, with 28in. wheels.
It is perfectly reliable in every way, neat in appearance, very light, compact and fast, being used by a number of the best racing men of the year, including R. Shirley, who had one of these hubs fitted to his Ariel Cycle, on which he secured the London to Bath and back record.

Crabbe 2-speed coaster hub

This hub contains an internal brake in addition to the two-speed gear. It is extremely simple, but at the same time positive in action, being operated direct by the hub chain wheel and not having any connection with the speed gear mechanism.
The Crabbe Two-speed Coaster braking action is not applied through the gears, so that no strain whatever is thrown on them when the brake is applied

Crabbe 3-speed coaster hub

First in 1905, Foremost ever since.
The gears of this hub are the same as in the Crabbe Three-speed, with a coaster brake in addition, similar to that contained in the Crabbe Two-speed Coaster. The extreme simplicity of the braking mechanism can be seen at a glance by the small illustration, on the brakes page.


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