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c1929 Cruikshank Ladies Loop Frame.

This is an interesting example of an 'Own Transfer' bicycle. Components Limited would sell frames or complete bicycles to cycle shops to affix their own decals (transfers) and sell as their own marque.

In this case the bicycle is sold as a Cruikshank Ariel, Cruikshank having a shop in Aberdeen in Scotland.

Someone has repainted the frame in a light green, leaving the headstock black with it's decal which says 'The ARIEL' 'Cruikshank' and 'Aberdeen'. Note that the frame has cracked or broken above the junction of the seat tube and the loop tube. It has been repaired probably with a bit of tubing inside and rivetted through.

My thanks to Archie Morrison for the photos and information.

1929 Ladies Cruikshank
1929 Cruikshank
Front forks
Right side
Left side
Forks and Crabbe brake
Headstock decal
Headstock decal
Headstock and decal
Handlebars - brazed on brake pivots
Bottom bracket - note repair to frame
Bottom bracket - note repair to frame


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