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1912 Ladies Ariel

A typical ladies frame. It is fitted with the 'Speedily Fork End' on the left side of the rear wheel. This was to allow the tyre or tube to be replaced without removing the rear wheel, you loosen the axle nut and open up the fork end.

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1912 Ladies Ariel offside


1912 Ladies Ariel nearside


1912 Ariel handlebars


1912 Arielo stem and steering lock

stem and steering lock

1912 Ariel front forks

front forks

1912 Ariel Seat tube and saddle

seat tube and saddle

1912 Ariel seat stays

seat stays

1912 Ariel rear brake

rear brake

1912 Ariel front brake

brake linkages and fork crown

1912 Ariel canvas chaincase

canvas chaincase

1912 Ariel repaired rear stays

Speedily fork end







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