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1895 Catalogue

1895 Ariel Goshen catalogue
1895 Catalogue

In their 1895 catalogue, Ariel of Goshen had five models; four diamond frame models and one truss-frame ladies model. A typical cycle is shown on the right, the No.1 Roadster. There were also a No.2 Full Roadster, a No.3 Light Roadster and a No.4 Racer.

The specification for the Model No. 1. Special 1895 Roadster, price $85.00, was:

No 1 RoadsterWeight: With wood rims 27 lbs., steel rims 29 lbs.
Frame: Two sizes, 21 1/2 and 24 inches in height. Head 10 inches. Forged connections and reinforced at every joint.
Finish: Black or maroon enamel. Bright parts heavily nickeled on copper.
Wheel Base: 43 inches. Front forks, 1-inch seamless tubes, oval, and tapered by cold-swedging process. Crown is a solid steel forging of handsome design and nickel plated. Axle ends also nickel plated.
Tread: 6 1/2 inches. Cranks 6-inch throw.
Wheels: 28-inch with either wood or steel rims. Hubs, die-rolled steel, turned from solid bar. 36 spokes in rear and 32 in front wheel. Spokes are double-butted and double-reduction "Torrington" cold-swedged steel wire, set tangent. Nipples amply long and with washers between rim and nipple head. Full nickel finish.
Tires: "Ariel." These tires are the B. F. Goodrich Co.'s "Akron" tires that we have had made for us especially, under our own name.
Bearings: Ariel bearings are known to be good. They ought to be, for we exercise great care in making all cups and cones, and in oil-tempering them. They are made of tool steel and none put into a machine except those that have been rigidly tested.
Gear: Ariel detachable front sprocket. Rear sprocket stationary, being turned from the solid with the hub. Rings with different numbers of teeth may be had, so that a change of gear can be readily arrived at without removing the cranks, pedals, or shaft. Machine will be sent with 66 1/2 gear, unless otherwise ordered.
Chain: 1-inch, hardened center, tested to 2000 lbs. and limbered for use by running at speed in an oil bath.
Pedals: The Ariel standard dust-proof, rat-trap or rubber. Rubber furnished, unless otherwise ordered.
Handle Bars: Three styles: raised, straight, or dropped. Cork or combination grips.
Equipment: Solid Comfort "H" Light Roadster saddle, russet or black, tool bag, wrench, oiler, pump, repair kit and pedal spanner.

No 5 TitaniaThe ladies model was the No.5 "Titania", shown here. Similar in specification to the other models. It should be noted that Ariel Cycles in their catalogue state that many ladies are now riding diamond frame cycles, but the Titania model is offered for those who prefer a truss frame.

The attractive catalogue cover refers to the Titania model. A young lady, wearing the modern and controversial 'Rational' dress, lies asleep by a tree, a book of Shakespeare open by her side. She dreams of Titania surrounded by little fairies on cycles.

Women at that period were starting to show their independance. The Rational dress, a practical bloomer-like trouser costume, aroused a lot of hostility. There was still opposition to ladies riding astride, let alone wearing trousers. Women in Rational costume were sometimes attacked; stones were thrown at them and sticks poked through the wheels to make them crash.

This young lady, and by extension the Ariel Cycle Manufacturing Co, is thoroughly modern.

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