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Biflex Tubing.

In 1908 the Components factory introduced a new style of tubing. A year later they had given it a name - BIFLEX.

Biflex tubing

Click on the image for a 3-D view.

Conventional tubing of the time was either a 'D' section or circular in section. The Biflex tubing was different in that it was a 'B' shape in section. It is a distinctive attribute of Components made bicycles, although not all of them.

When it was first introduced the chain stays and the entire length of the seat stays were made from Biflex tubing, as were the front forks. Later the Biflex tubing only extended up the seat stay to the bridge over the mudguard. Later still some models only had Biflex front forks. By the late 1920's many models had no Biflex tubing.

So what was the purpose of the Biflex tubing? Ariel claimed it provided a more comfortable ride on the rough roads common in the early years of the 20th century.


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